Tapes and window films: Here’s why you should get them.

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      Oct 15, 2022

      Modern industrial and home improvement commodities have come a long way since they were first conceptualized, and Chinese manufacturers are taking these implements to an all-new level.

      The advent of the silver reflective window film and industrial tapes are some of the most significant developments to come out of this era.

      Here, we will be taking a look at their significance, and briefly discuss the benefits that they offer, something that ultimately goes on to make our lives that much more comfortable. So, let’s start.

      Industrial tape:

      These tapes are known by a wide variety of names, and one can source them from a reputed Chinese manufacturer to be used in a wide array of operations.

      Since their invention and commercialization, there are several benefits that these tapes have brought forth, and all these factors have gone to boost their market growth like nothing else, some of which are as follows.

      ● They can be used in place of bolts, rivets, etc. for fastening purposes, and some of them are so strong that they can be used to attach aircraft parts as well.

      You may have witnessed technicians applying a metal strip to engine cowlings and windows before take-off, well, those are tapes after all, and this goes to show their versatility and capabilities.

      ● Industrial tape is inherently lighter than rivets, nuts, screws, etc. and due to its slim and compact form factor, it can be used easily in a wide variety of roles.

      ● These tapes deliver sealing properties as well. You see while fastening with a screw or bolt, extra sealants need to be used to make the joints waterproof,

      which can be mitigated by using industrial tapes that can seal against water and other fluids that the joints may encounter.

      ● Using industrial tape can greatly reduce the overall assembly times as one wouldn’t need to fasten every screw or bolt one by one.

      ● If you are looking to fasten something like glass, the choices are pretty limited as glass would crack upon contact with drills or nuts.

      This is where the tape would come in handy as it can be used to fasten glass quickly and cheaply.

      ● Using tape ensures uniform thickness, and gaps can be easily filled up.

      These were just some of the advantages that one can obtain using tape over other forms of adhesion or joining. Now, let us take a look at the advantages that a silver reflective window film offers.

      Silver reflective window film.

      It has been quite some time since the first window films were used, and these are quite in vogue nowadays as well. There are several advantages that these films offer, and here are a few reasons why you should adopt these as well.

      Saves energy– If you are someone who resides in a geographical location that receives a lot of sunlight and heat, then these window films are a must for you. Air conditioning is expensive, and this can be a particularly nagging problem in hotter areas.

      By using silver reflective window films, you can cut down on the heat that enters your property, thereby helping keep it cool and energy bills low.

      They are economical– When compared to window treatments, these films can provide a similar effect in real-life for a price that is much lower and thus, making them economical.

      Having a tinted domestic film or a reflective film would boost your property’s safety quotient as well since thieves and other miscreants would not be able to stare inside your house to ascertain the commodities that are present.

      Protects the paint– It is common knowledge that direct and harsh sunlight can result in fading of interior paint. It is often observed that furniture, or other painted surfaces that are exposed to sunlight, fade over time.

      Yes, one can certainly opt for a window glass treatment to mitigate this, but as aforementioned, these treatments can be expensive. Having a silver reflective window film installed can help defend against fading, and that too on a budget.

      Protects against shattering– If you live somewhere that has a lot of trees, or kids who love to play around, chances are that you will experience a shattered windowpane someday or other.

      A storm can potentially damage your windows as well, and leave shards all over the place, something that can be downright dangerous.

      Having a reflective window film certainly won’t prevent the window from cracking, but what it would do is save the glass from shattering into pieces, and act more like a car’s windshield that has received cracks.

      These are some of the reasons why you should get a reflective window film installed at your place.

      Final take:

      Industrial tapes and a silver reflective window film have come a long way since they were first conceived and commercialized.

      If you are looking for these, you should try to get these from a good Chinese manufacturer that can provide you with the best there is.