How to save yourself from drowning in the swimming pool with ALA

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      Swimming is one of most popular sports activities. However, if you don’t make preparations’ and safety awareness, you will feel confused and unable to help yourself calmly in the event of an accident, which will easily cause a drowning accident.
      To ensure swimming safety and prevent drowning accidents swimming pool

      The following should be done:

      1. Do not go swimming alone, and do not swim in places where you do not know the bottom of the sea or where it is dangerous or can cause drowning accidents. If you choose a good swimming place, you should know the environment of the place, such as whether the reservoir and bathing place are clean, whether the water is flat, whether there are hidden reefs, strong currents, weeds, and the water depth of the area.

      2. Swimming must be organized and led by a teacher or someone familiar with the nature of water. To take care of each other with lifeguard. If the collective organization goes out to swim, the number of people should be counted before and after entering the water, and lifeguards should be appointed for safety protection. Read here more about lifeguard training near me under the instructions of American lifeguard Association.swimming pool

      3. To know their physical health, usually the limbs are easily congested, cannot participate in swimming or swimming in deep water. To do a good job before entering the water, do some physical exercises first. If the water temperature is too low, you should first wash your body with water in shallow water, and then swim in the water after adjusting to the water temperature. Students with dentures should remove the dentures to prevent the dentures from falling into the esophagus or trachea when choking on water.

      4. You should be aware of the nature of your own water. You can’t be brave once you get in the water. Don’t jump and dive in haste. You can’t argue with each other to avoid drinking and drowning.swimming pool

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      Do not swim in rapids and whirlpools, let alone drink.

      5. If you suddenly feel uncomfortable while swimming, such as dizziness, nausea, palpitations, shortness of breath, you should immediately go ashore to rest or ask for help.

      6. When swimming, if leg or foot cramps, do not panic, can be forced to kick or jump, or forced massage, pull the tight part, at the same time ask for help.swimming pool

      7. When facing a drowning accident while swimming, it is very important to give lifeguards on the spot, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the most important. After a drowning person is rescued from the beach, vomit and sediment in the mouth and nasal pharynx should be immediately removed so that breathing is not obstructed; the tongue should be pulled out to prevent the airway from being turned backwards.

      How can you save yourself from drowning?

      1. First of all, you should calm down. Do not press your hands and feet irregularly. You can reduce the tangle of water and grass and save your physical strength. As long as you don’t struggle and don’t’ lift the Dao in your arms, you’ll win’ lose your balance in the water, and your body won’ sink very quickly.

      2. In addition to calling for help, hold your breath immediately after falling into the water, take off your shoes, and then relax your limbs. When you feel that you are beginning to float,

      lift your head as far as possible, so that your nose can come out of the water to breathe. When breathing, try to inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose to avoid choking on water.

      Breathe in shallowly and inhale deeply.

      3. Do not try to remove the whole head from the water, which will be a fatal mistake, because

      it is impossible for a person who cannot swim to put his head out of the water. This inevitable failure will make the person falling into

      the water more nervous and passive, thus making the whole self-rescue a failure.

      4. When the rescuer appears, as long as his mind is still there, the drowning person

      should not panic and grab the rescuer’s hands, legs, waist and other parts. He must obey the rescuer’s orders and let him take you to the shore. Otherwise, not only can’t be saved, but also the life of the rescuer will be involved.

      5. If the swimmer experiences leg cramps, keep calm, take a backward position, bend

      the toes backwards with your hands to release the cramps, and then slowly swim to shore.

      • For hand and foot cramps, if the fingers are cramping, you can hold the fist, and then

      force it open, repeat quickly several times, until the cramping is relieved;

      • If the lower leg or leg cramp, take a breath first and float on the water, hold the leg of

      the narrow limb with the hand opposite of the narrow limb, and pull it towards the body. At the same time,

      press the same palm on the knee of the narrow limb to help straighten the narrow leg;

      • If thigh cramps, can also be used to prolong muscle spasm solution.

      • If a drowning person needs to enter the water, he must remove his clothes and pants first to avoid being

      entangled by the drowning person and unable to free himself. Swim 3 to 5 meters in front of the drowning person, take a deep breath and dive

      down to rescue the drowning person from behind, so as not to be caught by others. It must be remembered that when a person faces death, his strength is truly extraordinary. If he is entangled by a drowning person,

      he should try to get rid of it as soon as possible, otherwise he will die. If you are unwell, do not attempt to enter the water. You’d better ask for help and be a land hero.